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Terms and Conditions 2022 at The Nir Etzion Resort Hotel, Israel

Terms & Conditions



Your registration and participation in the 2022 program at Nir Etzion is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Cancellation Policy

To be advised.

2. Payment Policy

A deposit of 30% per room is required at the time of booking to guarantee your booking.  See cancellation policy for full details.  The balance (i.e. the remaining 70% outstanding) per room of the total amount is due before to be advised.  Payments must be made by the specified deadlines or bookings may be cancelled.

3. Travel Insurance

We encourage all guests to take-out travel insurance.

4. The Nir Etzion Resort Hotel, Israel

a) Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hotel.

b) Pets are not allowed anywhere in the hotel.

c) No food from outside the hotel, regardless of the hechsher, should be brought into the dining room without approval of the mashgiach.

d) Reservations are non-transferable.

e) Refunds are not given for unused meals.

5. Program reserves the right to make changes in the program and schedule at any time.

6. Pricing

a) Pricing is as set-out in the rate sheets or as communicated via email in writing.

b) All rates, for both Tourists and Israelis are in New Israeli Shekels (NIS); and as such all credit cards will be charged and payments made in NIS, or a fee for currency conversion may be applied.

c) All rates for Tourists exclude VAT; and all rates for Israelis include VAT.

d) reserves the right to increase or decrease pricing and offer or discontinue discounts at any time.  Guests who have already booked are unaffected by such changes, but likewise are not entitled to any refund for any price decrease.

7. Marketing

Guests are aware that photography or videography may be taken and retains full rights to use them for future marketing purposes.

8. Tourists and VAT Exemption

Tourist rates are only eligible for tourists who must present the hotel front desk with a non-Israeli passport and valid B2 90-day tourist visa per person.  This is the small slip received at border check upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.  You must save this visa slip and present it at check-in. The hotel may charge VAT if both are not provided.

9. Liability

Guests expressly agree on behalf of themselves and all guests on whose behalf they have made a reservation that and its staff and affiliates are not responsible, nor liable for any loss or theft of any valuables or personal belongings; nor for any accidents, injuries, illnesses, harm, damages or losses of any kind that may occur during the event, or during the use of any hotel facilities, or participation in any activity.

10. Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or claim relating to any on-site service provision or matter provided by The Nir Etzion Resort Hotel, Israel - should be raised directly with the hotel for resolution.

All disputes or claims of any nature vis-a-vis arising from these Terms and Conditions or your booking, payment or participation in the program shall be decided by the Gra Beis Din, Beit Shemesh (